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What's New

Logi Info v12 Delivers Exciting Enhancements

Logi Info v12.0 is now available and this new major release continues and extends the power and versatility of our signature application development tool. From better Logi Studio wizards to new Gauges and real-time chart updates, you're going to enjoy working with it. Highlights include:

• When adding charts using Logi Studio, the Analysis Grid, and the Analysis Chart, you'll use a new common wizard interface that sports a great new look and new flexibility. Relevance controls, layout orientation, and gauges are included now, too.

• Other charting improvements include a brand new Arc Gauge, and Group Drillthrough for our Chart Canvas Charts. Real-time chart updates can automatically display current data and Flash has been eliminated from animated maps.

• Input elements were given special attention in this release, with a new Auto-complete feature for text boxes and support for the Placeholder attribute. A new Input Color Picker element can be used to let end-users...  read more

Musings from Logi Land

The Continuing Evolution of Logi DevNet

Just a few minutes ago you may have been wondering if you had the right URL and where the familiar Developer Network web site went. Then you understood: DevNet has evolved again. This is the fifth renovation of our iconic web site and we hope you enjoy it.

Amazing as it seems, it was eight years ago that we unveiled the web site that we know today as Logi DevNet. When it was first launched, on January 15, 2007, it was conceived of primarily as a home for our one discussion forum and a few documents.

Back then, we'd just rolled out Version 8 of Logi Info, President Reagan was in office, men wore hats, and Elvis was The King! Well, not really, but eight years is a long time in the IT business as far as change is concerned and we're proud that DevNet has continued to evolve and serve our customers and friends for so many years. It's...  read more

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