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What's in a Name? So Long, Info Build Numbers!

When the next public Logi Info Service Pack is released, you may notice something different about its notation: no more build numbers. Instead of Logi Info "v12.2.116 SPx", its name will be just "v12.2 SPx". We believe that this change will reduce confusion and make it easier for customers to identify the product release they're using.

We'll also retroactively change all Logi Info v12.2 documents and release notes here on DevNet to use the new notation and, going forward, we'll leave the build number off future releases.

Here's a little sneak peek at some interesting new features proposed for the next Service Pack, just for DevNet visitors:

• A new Dashboard Panel Splitter feature will allow users of free-form, adjustable dashboards to change the widths of dashboard panels by dragging a new "splitter" bar that exists between them. The adjacent panels will get wider/narrower as the bar is dragged....  read more

Musings from Logi Land

Logi Expert on Demand: Expertise When You Need It

Need some guidance that's more concentrated than Customer Support yet not at the level of a full-on Professional Services engagement? Then Logi's Expert on Demand (EoD) team could be just right for you. It's a phone- and web-based service that offers fast access to expert consultants, on a time-metered basis.

Expert on Demand team members can provide guidance for Logi Info development issues including security, integration, scalability, plug-ins, CSS, scripting, and more. They can provide services such as development assistance, advanced training and best practices advice, and project planning and review.

EoD is a solution-driven service that provides premium-level support above and beyond a standard technical support package, and/or when a dedicated Logi resource is required. EoD is centered on customized solutions for one-off scenarios and proof-of-concept projects, and can assist with smaller end-to-end engagements....  read more

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